Our Philosophy

The guests' wishes is always our focus

Due to the high level of service we offer a courteous and cordial service. We always want to meet the needs of our guests and exceed their expectations, if possible. The relationship with our customers is long-term and characterized by trust.

We are a discriminating, fair and reliable partner

We seek and offer long-term partnerships based on trust, and which ensure a positive outcome for both parties. We expect our business partners to observe professional principles that are compatible with our mission statement.

We are committed & engaged

We show our committment to the community by supporting cultural, social and ecological activities, and by contributing part of our earnings to the common good. We comply with applicable laws and internationally recognized ethical standards. We make a sustainable contribution to the image of the Belvédère and Hauenstein Hotels, and to the financial performance of the company. We do not maximize short-term results; our main goal is the lasting success of the Belvédère, our partners and our employees. The strategy is geared to achieving profitable growth in a competitive environment through our own efforts.

We respect each other

Through mutual respect and honest dealings with one another, we create the conditions for a motivating and performance-oriented working atmosphere that attracts and retains talented employees over the long term. We delegate tasks, responsibility and decision-making authority as much as possible and keep our structures simple and manageable. Our success is made possible by competent, motivated and self-reliant employees who act quickly and in a guest-oriented manner. We support employees' initiative, set ambitious goals and reward good performance. Our managers are expected to demonstrate purposefulness, a sense of responsibility and loyalty. All employees undertake to comply with the law and respect the rights and dignity of others.

We are committed to the environment

We take an active role in preserving and protecting the environment by making targeted use of natural resources and improving our environmental contribution through ecological and regional purchasing. Furthermore, we do everything in our power to keep energy consumption and the associated emissions of greenhouse gases as low as possible. We achieve this, for example, by using LED lamps, hot water collectors and efficient working methods.

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